Fair and Balanced Music Education Est. 2004

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The Future of New York

We believe that ideas will be implemented as long as they are aligned with our vision. With transparency at the helm of our lectures, lessons, and rehearsals, we will provide a safe and healthy environment in which students will thrive and become well-rounded citizens in the community.

We promote an image that encourages our students to develop an identity while uplifting our community through positive contributions.

We build successful, confident, distinguished young people and provide the necessary environment to build our youth, create equality, and provide the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate the world of the future.  

We stand by the goal of introducing students to diverse careers and emphasize the idea of entrepreneurship and financial literacy as the essential pieces to supporting and building our community. 

Currently, the Brooklyn Music & Leadership Institute operates as a magnet at several school sites in Brooklyn, New York. Various prerequisites have been identified in order to prepare students for the rigors of the academic programs that we partner with, along with the programming of the Institute. Learn how to play a musical instrument, develop leadership skills, and master so much more at a school near you. 

We Build Champions


Classroom Goals

We strive for all of our students to graduate with a Regents/Advanced diploma.

We push for all of our students to earn both bachelor’s and master’s degrees prior to returning to the community so that they may pursue entrepreneurship or other careers whose positions are hard to fill.

To help our students achieve the highest level of success, we support and mentor them until they obtain their first job post graduation or we provide assistance for the first years of their business operations. Follow up & Mentor is an essential program in which our Dream Team travels to the region's institutions of higher learning to meet with our alumni students at football games and special events; we see to it that they earn their degrees.

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Public Charity

Get your 501(c)3 tax-deductible receipt today, and support a palpable public charity located in the heart of Crown Heights - Brooklyn, NY. 

Donations are safe and secure through the use of our foundation portal at Fractured Atlas. Contributions for the charitable purposes of the Brooklyn Music & Leadershp Insitute - JSMLI (foundation) are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

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Est. 2004

The Brooklyn Music & Leadership Institute aims to prevent the educational, social, and emotional decline of minority youth.

We intend to successfully combat the adverse circumstances associated with impoverished neighborhoods in which many of our students reside.

Historically Minority

Our organization is uniquely focused in providing excellence. Through the support of marching band activities, special events, concerts, fundraisers, healthy living initiatives, talks, and young leaders of tomorrow.

It is our goal to be a bridge for minorities to use to crossover through the weeds of their world into college, a professional career, entrepreneurship and healthy life choices.