The Medgar Evers East Coast Ocean of Soul

The East Coast Ocean of Soul - is a high stepping show band, based on the tradition of the collegiate marching bands throughout the United States of America.

Boasting a membership of well over a hundred members, the East Coast Ocean of Soul Marching Band has won numerous awards, trophies, grand championship designations and battle of the bands throughout the East Coast and Southern regions since 2009.

The marching band consists of woodwind, brass, drums and a dance line. You will see our marching band, rocking side to side "Medgar Rockin" down the street, on the field, on stages and entering concert arenas throughout the region. Pageantry in motion, is what you call our marching style, as we pop our instruments into the air. In addition, the Ocean of Soul also boasts a concert band which performs around campus in the Winter and early Spring.

The East Coast Ocean of Soul is known as the best band in Brooklyn, NY - our academic requirements as well as our results on regents’ exams are phenomenal. Our music is impacting the community in a major way, by ensuring that we'll get to college and graduate with a bachelors, our eyes set on a master’s degree and a career in our community.

Our band is brass heavy, a tradition you'll find in African American communities. Music you can feel, that will capture your spirit, music we want to take you on a journey with. The music education we receive is rigorous, and one of the many reasons why our band has been recognized as one of the best in the country.

To support the East Coast Ocean of Soul is simple - like our page, subscribe to us on YouTube, and come visit us three times a year at concerts, four times a year at local parades, at every Medgar Evers College Prep basketball game, at field show competitions and twice a year at our fundraising dinners.